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Floral Design by Certified Dutch Flower Arranger


With over 20 years of educational experience, taught over hundreds of students

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本工作室取名自意大利著名音樂家Mr. Niccolò Paganini,其創新的思維將小提琴技巧發展到無與倫比的地步,影響著一代又一代人,向鬼才大師致敬。


Our studio is named after the famous Italian musician, Mr. Niccolò Paganini, whose innovative thinking developed violin skills to an unparalleled level, influencing generations after generations.  We pay the highest tribute to the genius master.

Our studio is mainly engaged in three major categories: music, flower art, and beauty (under construction). We hope to provide our customers high-efficient, high-quality, cost-effective services or products.

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